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Created out of a need for touch and connection during social distancing and isolation mandates due to COVID-19, I reached out to friends with an invitation to engage in a collaboration. The terms were simple. I would send them a poem, a sound, a moving image and ask them to send me something back. Or, they would send me a work and I would respond in whatever medium(s) rose to the top. 

with Valerie Suter

In A Perpetual Vibration 

On the Verge

Closer Closer to


Stop Before


On the Verge

In A Perpetual Vibration

My Safety Whose Safety Your Safety




Straight Line 


Pull Back

Circle Around 

Arms     This               Far


with Kiowa Hammons, 2020

My Sister Told Me to Get Some Air, 2020


My sister told me to get some air

My heart sighed and collapsed  

When in the night

I emerged and Inhaled exhaled

Fresh air release relief repeat  

Til my butt was wet  from the day’s downpour.

 with Yana Dimitrova, 2020

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