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Annual Valentines Day Poem 2022 live version
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Annual Valentines Day Poem 2022 

Let’s leave it all to chance and other c words or words that sound like it, are you

Keeping up? But while I do, would you give me a sign so I can know from time to time?

Performed for Black Lunch Table's IG Live
Sunday, March 6, 2022

AN HORIZON OF POSSIBILITY or (something something sublime something something in the stars)

after Saidiya after Alice after Abbey, 2021

Transmitter Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
A Discourse of Accord Exhibition, August 14 - September 19, 2021 
Live performance August 14 and 15, 2021 


Framing [Big White House], Stay in Touch for Mom and Dad, 2020 

Image stills shot by Adam Reich at Welancora Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. Film edited by Alison Mao.

Text, built in mirror of historic brownstone, Windex, yellow rubber gloves, rag, cocoa butter, audio recording, performance in an ethereal floral dress

A note: The piece says my mother is one of 7 children but she is actually one of 8

A Need for Leafy Greens [excerpt], 2019

Performance for Stimulus Progression 21 at Mirror in the Woods in Gowanus, Brooklyn

on Saturday, August 24, 2019


The footage is missing the last 15 mins. Footage shot by Mahsa Biglow.

Below: performance libretto on postcards

Performance Intensive images.jpg

All the Things (for Mary Ellis 1750-1828) [in 35 parts], 2019 

Found construction and building detritus from New Brunswick, NJ and works on paper, chair, postcards, bell and slip

Performed at the Brooklyn Army Terminal, Brooklyn, NY

All The Things bw.jpg

Tastes like Chicken [a protein source], 2018

This may offend some, cause discomfort in others, bore a handful and arouse the remainder

Ode to chickenheads, Audre Lorde, Tracy K Smith, Lil Kim, Katie O’Brien, Trina and to the givers regardless of their dietary preferences, 2018

Performed at Motel Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


My Sunshine, 2018 

Performed at Kirkpatrick Chapel, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

Performance included live instrumentation and a silent film in collaboration with Marigangela Ciccarello

Performance still by Young Sun Han

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