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Jesus is the Queen Bee

(Memories of Utah, were you hoping for Landscapes?), 2018. 
Vintage picture frame, 8 jars of New Jersey honey and 1 jar of Utah honey with text

9 is a sacred number.


I get it, Georgia I don't know how many ways I can say Wow (6:30am) or Serenades from fake boyfriends and lovers, 2017

  Watercolor on cardboard with text

Context: Each painting is a memory of New Mexico landscapes at dawn or twilight. Each painting was created while listening to a different male vocalist.


All The Things (for Mary Ellis, 1750-1828) [in 35 parts], Epilogue part of 36, 2019. New Brunswick, NJ

Installed in the parking lot of the New Jersey Blood Services/New York Blood Bank, 167 New Street, New Brunswick, NJ.

Chalk and found rocks from across New Brunswick, NJ. 

Text: I carried you baby | I loved you more | Te amo más  | [beat]  | I'm letting you go, now

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